Is LookeeLoo Universal?
YES! As of version 2.0, LookeeLoo is a universal app. I hate paying twice for the same app, so made it universal.
Why does it look so plain/Why isn’t there a weekly view?
The original intent was to find co-workers when you walk into their cubicle, they’re not there, and you don’t want to walk back to your desk to find them. I would like to add a weekly view at some point, but a good weekly view is a lot of work and a little beyond me at this point (I speak Enterprise Solutions, not Design).
What are the requirements?
LookeeLoo only connects to Microsoft Exchange 2007/2010 with Exchange Web Services (EWS) enabled.
Does it work with Google Calendar?
No. Google can pretend to be Microsoft Exchange, but only provides the Exchange Activesync Protocol (EAP). EAP does not support querying another user's shared calendar. That is only supported through EWS (or MAPI if you're on Windows). Since the iPhone, Android, and Windows Mobile only use EAP to talk to Exchange, there is no native support for this calendar access. Thus, LookeeLoo fills in this gap, but only when it can connect to EWS on the server.
It’s not working. What can I do?
  1. Go into the Settings App
  2. Scroll down to LookeeLoo
  3. Enable debug log
  4. Close the app and relaunch. Do your query.
  5. Tap the (i) icon, click Advanced, then Email Logs
  6. Email the log
When I send a debug log, what information is contained in it?
It’s a pretty verbose dump of information and debug statements. Your password is not contained in it, but server names and email addresses are. If you’re curious, simply change the To: address to your own and read through the log at your leisure.
What happened in the upgrade? Why did it break things?
I began LookeeLoo using one Exchange Web Services API that worked very well. It was simple, straightforward, and gave a good, fast view of a person’s calendar. Unfortunately, bug reports started to roll in pointing out I had missed something in testing -- tentative and free events were missing. This API was designed to show a person’s active calendar for when you proposed a meeting, not to show events that didn’t actually interfere with a proposal. So, I had to go back to square one.
But why did that break connecting to my server?
At the same time, the HTTP library I originally used (ASIHTTPRequest), became no longer supported by the author. So, between 2.0 and 2.1 a lot of changes occurred under the hood.
Like what?
Like the following:
  • New networking code — reverted to pure Apple basics, but this meant I had to hand-role catches to edge cases.
  • And I missed the code for servers doing Basic authentication
  • And I enabled self-signed certs in one section, but not another, so had to do an update for that
  • The good news was the old EWS API meant three calls were needed to the Exchange server. New one means only two, so networking function was automatically 33% faster!
Does LookeeLoo support Public Folders?
No, Public Folders are a holdover from Pre-2007 Exchange and are supported through a "hack" in EWS that isn't pretty and isn't easy to code for, especially without a test server that has mature a Exchange 2003 configuration upgraded to Exchange 2007. So, support hasn't been written and it's almost certain never will be able to be added.
Does LookeeLoo support viewing the notes of the meeting?
LookeeLoo will show you the notes/contents of the meeting, but cannot pull up any attachments at this time. This feature is being considered, but has not been often requested, so is not a high priority.
Where did you get the template for this website?
From this great guy.